Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy

Innovation and Logistics are two keys to the success of Taiwan’s enterprises today. Maxima Ventures Group, founded by Mr. Max Fang who was the general manager of the Asia-Pacific International Procurement Office of Dell Computer and is outstanding, experienced and well-connected in the field, has expanded our investment into semiconductor, electro-optics, communication, software, critical components and other core industries. We formulate our investment strategy on the basis of our information network to expand investment channels and achieve the efficacy of a strategic venture capital alliance, offering our investors diverse investment options and maximum benefits. Maxima Ventures benefit our investors in the shape of diverse returns and also help the national economy grow.

Maxima Capital Management is well aware of the need for industrial transformation and diversification. With our management team’s global network of connections and substantial professional investment management experience, investors who work with Maxima can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 1. Build strategic venture capital alliance.
  • 2. Increase investment opportunities.
  • 3. Expand to the technology, biotech and culture and creative industries.
  • 4. Enhance due diligence implementation capability.