General Manager, FANG,KUO-CHIEN

Grew up in Lukang, Taichung, studied at Wen-kai Elementary School, Chung-hsiao Elementary School and Taichung Municipal Taichung First Senior High School.

  • Graduated from the Department of Management Science, National Chiao Tung University in 1975.
  • Received an MBA from National Chengchi University, 1999-2002.

Early in his career, he served as purchasing officer and supply chain management for RCA and ATARI.

Between 1990-2001,he founded the Procurement Office of Dell Computer in Taipei and headed the Asia-Pacific Supply Chain Management Center it expanded to become. Mr. Fang participated in the golden era of Taiwan’s IT industry and built the relationship with many Taiwan IT industry heads and entrepreneurs.

In 2002, Mr. Fang founded Maxima Capital Management. He raised and managed “Maxima Venture Capital”, “Maxima Venture Capital No. 2” and “Culture and Creativity Venture Capital No.1”. It focuses on technology, culture and creativity industry investment.

Mr. Fang is an optimistic extroverted person who loves traveling, diving, cycling, riding motorcycles.

  • Published 【海闊天空】in 2002. It was published in both Mainland China and Taiwan. It is about the golden era of Taiwan’s IT industry. The story of working with leading international brands expanding their operations and services over the world.
  • Published 【魔法與胡同】in 2013. The book is about his career as a venture capitalist, paradigm-shift and opportunity in the cultural and creative industries. Mr. Fang hopes that Taiwan can rebuild its value and prosper again in the 21st century.

Senior Vice President, Liang yuh/ Jade Lee

Jade Lee studied in France since 1988. She finished her Master of French Press Institute at the University of Sorbonne in Paris in 1990 and her PhD of Information Science in 1996.

While studying in France, Lee was working as a journalist in radio stations and as the director assistant / translator for Canal+ in the production of a program about Martial Arts in Taiwan. After graduation, Lee worked in Hong Kong briefly and then moved back to Taiwan to work for magazines and film companies in various fields such as production (executive producer for “Pick the Youth” “Bad Girls” and associate producer of “Seediq Bale”), post production, film acquisition, distribution marketing, PR, international sales and festival, editorial translation of books and subtitles, franchised merchandise authorization.

Lee is currently the Vice president of TC-1 Culture Fund/Maxima Capital Managemen and the General Manager of Million Star Entertainment.

Core Management Team

Senior Vice President, LI,YU-HSI
  • NYU, BA Economics, Finance, Mathematics
  • CFA, Level II candidate
  • 5 years in multinational corporation finance, strategic advisor.
  • 3.5 years in multinational corporation operation (Foxconn, Czech)
  • 2 years in touch panel supply chain management (GM’s special assistant at TPK, Xiàmén)
  • 8 years in venture capital and post-investment management.
Executive director, CHUANG,WEN-PING
  • MBA Business Administration, Soochow University
  • BS Chemistry, Tamkang University
  • 8 years in project management and managerial report design and analysis
  • 17 years in venture capital administration, finance, accountant and post-investment management.
  • Training in: high/middle manager training/Internal Auditor/Internal control/ISO/SAP/strategic planning/employee trainer
Senior Vice President, WU,HSIN-YI
  • BBA Accounting, National Taiwan University
  • MBA Accounting, National Taiwan University
  • Taiwan Certified Public Accountant
  • 13 years in financial analysis, accountant, audit and consultant.
  • 16 years in venture capital and post-investment management.
  • Management case: Suntek, E-Ton, Richtek, PixArt, CMO, Arcoa, CyberTAN, Syste, General...

MAXIMA Board of Directors