About Maxima

About Maxima

1. About Maxima

Maxima Ventures Capital was founded by Mr. Max Fang. Mr. Fang served as general manager of the International Procurement Office of Dell Computer for over a decade. He witnessed and took his part in the golden era of Taiwan’s IT industry and built solid friendship with many industrial leaders and entrepreneurs in the greater China area. He played an important role in the international procurement field and contributed to Taiwan’s success in attaining orders from international leading brands. In 2003, Mr. Fang wrote the story of his time at Dell Computer, his philosophy, ideology, and management strategy along with his all his achievements with his peers in his book 『海闊天空 – 我在DELL之歲月』. Mr. Fang, with his wealth of experience and extensive connections in the IT industry, devoted himself to venture capital after he left Dell Computer. Along with his team of professionals in technology, corporation management, and investment, he has participated in many venture investments of enterprise in different stage. Maxima Ventures Capital became a new enterprise venture capital force in Taiwan. He wrote about his career as a venture capitalist in his new book【魔法與胡同】in 2013. The book talks about paradigm-shift and opportunities in the cultural and creative industries. Mr. Fang hoped that Taiwan could rebuild its value and prosper again in the 21st century.

2. History

  1. 2002, founded Maxima Capital Management.
  2. 2003, founded Maxima Ventures I (investing in technology Industries)
  3. 2010, founded TC-1 Culture Fund (investing in Culture and Creativity Industries)
  4. 2011, founded Maxima Ventures II (investing in technology Industries)
2. Mission and Strategy

Combining international supply chain management and foundation of high-tech manufacturing Taiwan, we find companies with high potential, high growth, high return and with a mature business strategy and return on investment plan. We target most technology, biotech, and the cultural and creative industries. Our main focus is :

  1. Strategic technology, bio-tech, culture and creativity industries.
  2. R&D of products with marketability.
  3. R&D of critical components and materials and technology transfer.
  4. Technology, bio-tech industry and cultural and creative industries.
  5. Focused on semiconductor manufacturing and design, communication, critical component and material industry, IT-related hardware and software industry, electro-optics, artificial-intelligence, biotech industry and cultural and creative industries.